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How to check your credit standing? Checking creditworthinessHow to check your credit standing? Checking creditworthiness

Are you planning to buy your first apartment? Or maybe you only need a loan for renovation or holidays with your family? No matter how much interest you are interested in, check your credit standing before submitting your application to the selected institution. This way you will verify the maximum amount you can apply for. […]

Cash loan for a statement – what do you need to know?Cash loan for a statement – what do you need to know?

A huge number of Poles use various types of loans and borrowings today. Thanks to their wide range, we are able to find a product tailored to our needs. One of the most popular is a cash loan for a statement. So what should we know about him before we start looking for the best offer? Cash loan on declaration […]

Consumer credit: standard lettersConsumer credit: standard letters

Any borrower wishing to manage his consumer credit agreement is required to send various standard letters to his bank or lending institution. Exchanges always very codified, but unavoidable to assert its decisions. Learn how to formulate application letters for the most common transactions: withdrawal, credit redemption, prepayment, and cancellation of revolving credit. Consumer credit: why […]

Advantages and disadvantages of online payday loansAdvantages and disadvantages of online payday loans

Many people who need quick cash try to get it by taking a loan. Nonetheless, on a stationary basis, the process of granting it takes a very long time. We have to meet a number of formalities, such as verification and in the Economic Information office, which will inform lenders about our possible liabilities and […]

How to clean database and take care of your own credit history?How to clean database and take care of your own credit history?

BIK, i.e. the Credit Information Bureau, stores data on the financial liabilities of customers of banks and some financial institutions. Based on this information, a given customer’s scoring is created and its ability to pay its debts on time is verified. Unfortunately, the data contained in the BIK may sometimes make it difficult or impossible […]