What loan terms?

hypocredit – how much can you borrow?

In the case of a loan from hypocredit, the maximum amount that can be taken increases gradually and depends on the number of previous loans in the company. Those who have already won the company’s trust will receive a much higher limit than new customers. After taking the first payday loan, the customer can borrow the largest amount available, i.e. PLN 7,500.

If, after the funds have been credited to your account, you need to borrow an additional amount, you can apply for additional funds. The condition is that the full limit that the customer is entitled to under the loan is not used. This means that the borrower whose account has received the maximum amount available for one debt will not be able to take advantage of this option.  

How long can you borrow at hypocredit?

How long can you borrow at hypocredit?

hypocredit focuses on providing short-term loans. In the standard offer, a loan from hypocredit must be repaid within a period of no more than 30 days. This is the maximum date that the customer can choose when completing the online application.


The company belongs to more flexible lenders. The obligation can be repaid earlier, which will result in a reduction of costs due. hypocredit does not charge for the period for which the loan was shortened. A customer who manages to pay back their debts ahead of time can wait for a return transfer on their bank account.

Extending the loan at hypocredit is also possible. A new customer can use this option twice with the first loan. Subsequent commitments can only be extended once. The customer who decides to do so is obliged to pay the appropriate fee before the loan repayment date. Its amount depends on the number of days for which the loan is extended. The company gives you the opportunity to postpone repayment by 7, 14 or 30 days.

hypocredit – how to apply?

hypocredit - how to apply?

For customers who have already dealt with payday loans in other non-bank companies, submitting an application with hypocredit will not be anything new. The first step is to complete the registration form, which is also an application for the first loan. The online application can be found on the company’s website, as well as on this site Bankier.pl.

After selecting the amount of interest and filling out the required data, the customer will be asked to send an authorization transfer from his account for the amount of PLN 0.01. A borrower who chooses a different authorization method (Blue Cash transfer) will incur a fee of a little more, i.e. PLN 1. In this way, hypocredit verifies the customer’s data and will be able to check if it has been in default of previous payments. The registration fee is later refunded to the customer’s account. 

If everything goes according to the client’s intention, he will receive information from the company about granting the loan by SMS and e-mail. The money will be transferred to your account and the contract will be sent via email. Documents can be accepted with a secure electronic signature or traditionally with a paper signature. The customer who chooses the second option is obliged to send two signed copies of the contract to the company’s address.

You can also apply for a loan by phone or in the Ruch network lounges and kiosks.

Who is the payday loan at hypocredit for?

Who is the payday loan at hypocredit for?

hypocredit’s offer has been prepared for clients who:

  • are at least 20 but not more than 78 years old,
  • have full legal capacity,
  • are citizens of the Republic of Poland and reside in it,
  • have an ID card,
  • have an active mobile number
  • the bank maintains an individual personal account in their name,
  • have the ability to pay back the debt,
  • they have no arrears to the company.

Before the loan goes to your account, the company will check that the customer has the right capacity to pay it back. Customer data is checked in the databases of economic information bureaus (InfoMonitor, the National Economic Information Bureau, ERIF Register of Debtors, the National Debt Register), the “Restricted Documents” database of the Polish Bank Association, as well as the Credit Information Bureau.

How much does a loan from hypocredit cost?

How much does a loan from hypocredit cost?

hypocredit has prepared a special offer for new clients. The first loan is granted for freeand the customer will pay back to the company exactly the same amount they borrowed. The fee of 0.01 or 1 PLN incurred during the registration process will also be returned to the customer’s account.

Further commitments involve additional fees. The final cost consists of:

  • interest on capital allocated in the amount of 10 percent on an annual basis,
  • commission. 

You can know the amount of each fee before creating a profile on the lender’s website. They also appear on the contract sent by hypocredit.

When choosing the loan amount and repayment period, the customer also becomes aware of the cost of any extension.

hypocredit – additional information

hypocredit - additional information

  • One customer can pay back one loan at a time.
  • The next loan will be available 7 days after the previous commitment has been repaid.
  • Customers who have liabilities in other financial institutions may apply for payday loans at hypocredit if they are not in arrears with their repayment.
  • hypocredit gives you the opportunity to participate in the loyalty program.
  • The loan is repaid by transfer to one of the following bank accounts.
  • The funds awarded may affect the client’s account within 15 minutes of obtaining a positive decision. The reduced waiting time applies to customers who have a current account in the banks listed by hypocredit. 

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