Financing health equipment for a disabled person

There are around 12 million disabled people in France, and 2 million of them suffer from a motor handicap. For these people, the reality of everyday life is more difficult to live, and many are those who do not dare to venture far from home, lack of development and adapted health equipment.

How to adapt your home to the needs of a person with disabilities?

Some people with disabilities need everyday medical equipment to live normally. It is then necessary to adapt the home to these needs to provide them with optimal living comfort. In the case where the handicap is very heavy, these adjustments are obligatory and allow to delay a placement in a nursing home. There are several types of home support equipment:

• travel aids: walkers and walking sticks, stair climbing and electric scooters to limit effort;

• hygiene aids: the pierced chair as well as the toilet seat for comfort in the toilets, as well as the shower and bath equipment, stools, seats, feet, handles, anti-slip mats, etc. ;

• positioning aids: geriatric chairs, pillows and ergonomic bedding, medical beds, or heel discharges.

Electric wheelchair, an advantage for fatigue travel

When a person with a disability is no longer able to travel in a standard wheelchair, the doctor may recommend the use of an electric wheelchair, which greatly facilitates the user’s autonomy. Its first advantage: it can be used indoors and outdoors and therefore does not require changing modes of transport during outings. In addition, there is a wide range of electric wheelchairs adapted to all types of needs (position correctors, foldable, variable autonomy, etc.). When buying the electric wheelchair, it is important to check that the different options are perfectly suited to the needs of the user. It is a powerful mobility solution that has the merit of adapting to the particularities of people with disabilities. Last advantage: in the case of very severe disabilities, the electric wheelchair can be controlled remotely.

The electric scooter for people with disabilities (pmr)

Not to be confused with the electric wheelchair! The electric scooter also allows people with disabilities to regain more autonomy. It is used in home support strategies, but is not suitable for all disabilities. Because it is above all a real vehicle, which requires a good vision to be driven safely. The PMR vehicle is designed to take relatively long journeys outdoors, and can adapt to the peculiarities of the terrain surrounding the user’s home. Thus, the battery and autonomy of the electric scooter for people with disabilities may vary depending on the distance to places to visit (between 12 and 55 kilometers of autonomy). Similarly, the structure of the PMR vehicle will change depending on the environment:

• 4 wheel scooter more manoeuvrable if the roads are steep and winding;

• 3-wheel scooter if the terrain is flat.

As for a car, the choice of the PMR vehicle options is very important and must take into account the particularities of the handicap.

The car for person with disabilities (tpmr)

Relatives and family of people with disabilities can make the decision to buy a vehicle suitable for certain disabilities. It is important to choose this vehicle, called TPMR car (transport of people with reduced mobility). Before acquiring such a vehicle, the needs of the disabled person must be identified. The comfort, the frequency of use, the security systems, the number of places will vary according to the users.

It is also possible to acquire a vehicle that is not TPMR standards in order to transform it. It must be checked before the purchase that it is possible to bring the vehicle up to standard. It is often recommended to choose wagons or MPVs (Kangoo type) that promote the transport of people in wheelchairs.

Financing health equipment for people with disabilities

All of these solutions significantly improve the lives of people with disabilities, but they also have a very high cost. Using a consumer credit for people with disabilities enables them to finance health care equipment for people with disabilities. It is possible to simulate a credit application to plan the loan scope and make it possible to finance a scooter or an electric wheelchair.

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