Payday Loans without verification – check how to take a loan online

If you care about time or have a bad credit history, payday loans without database verification can provide you with additional funds without unnecessary formalities. Read on to find out more!

Who grants loans without verification?

Who grants loans without verification?

The loan is a financial product offered by banks and non-bank loan companies. However, only in the latter ones you can count on a minimum verification process of your creditworthiness.

In the advertising slogans of such institutions there is often a promise of a payday loan without checking the databases – we are talking about the databases of debtors, such as Retro or Astro. Indeed – many loan companies do not check their clients in Retro and Astro, which encourages more and more people to take advantage of their offer and clearly distinguishes them from banks.

A loan without verification in the databases is recommended to people who have a negative entry in the debtors database and therefore cannot count on the bank’s help. Most often, to get a loan without verification of the bases, you must meet general criteria, such as:

  • age specified by the lender,
  • having a bank account,
  • owning a telephone
  • living in Poland.


A necessary step in the lending process is to verify your identity. Most often, it requires making a transfer to the lender’s account – this allows you to confirm the data you have saved in the form and to exclude the risk of fraudulent loans.

Is there a loan without a bank account verification?

Is there a loan without a bank account verification?

Yes. Confirming your data through a verification transfer is a modern, fast and fully secure method by which the time needed to obtain funds is reduced to a minimum. However, this is not the only way to verify the information provided. What to do if you do not have an account or do not have sufficient funds on it?

  • An alternative method of confirming your identity is to use one of the special applications. The principle of their operation is simple – when filling out the application you will be asked to choose the bank where you have the account, and then enter the login and password for your online banking system – thanks to this application can download your personal data. You do not have to worry about the security of your data, because the connection is encrypted.
  • A quick loan without account verification can also be provided by phone during a conversation – some companies carry out the entire procedure of granting loans in this way, and send information about positive or negative consideration of the application by SMS.
  • If you do not have a bank account, you can opt for a loan with a courier, whose task is to provide you with a contract and verify your identity on the basis of the ID card you provide.
  • Some companies also offer loans for home delivery – in this case, a loan company employee will first check your details and then present a contract.
  • A rare solution is also to collect the loan in the post window – it requires the presentation of an ID card as well as a verification code received by SMS.


Obtaining a loan without account verification, but requiring a courier or loan company representative in return, takes a little longer, but in some cases it is very convenient. This is a good proposition not only for customers without a bank account, but also for the elderly.

Fast loan without verification – how to take it?

Fast loan without verification - how to take it?

What do you need to do to get a quick loan? If you are applying for a loan for the first time in a given company, it is always necessary to set up an account on the website of the selected company and confirm your identity. In each case it is also necessary to complete the application.

For many institutions, the required formalities end here – the lender quickly assesses the risk of money being awarded to you, and then informs you of his decision. If it is positive, the company will transfer money to your account in several minutes. However, which loans without database, place of employment or bank account verification are the best? Here’s what you can do to choose the most profitable one:

  • Use the comparison engine where you can specify the loan amount you are interested in and the repayment time. The comparison tool also allows you to search for offers without checking the databases – just check the box “without verification in Retro”;
  • Look for promotional offers, such as the first loan for free – you can also find such a filter on the TotalMoney comparison website. Remember, however, that the loan will be free only if you pay it back within the time limit!
  • Learn the details of loans – pay attention to the costs of individual loans – they are determined by the actual annual interest rate (APRC). Thanks to this you will find out what amount you will have to give back.

A loan without verification in the debtors’ databases and without checking employment is a product to which you usually have online access – it is worth using it when you need additional funds immediately.

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