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The loan at Net Loan is addressed to both private consumers and people running their own businesses. Net Loan can also count on customers who have other outstanding debts

Net Loan – basic information 

Net Loan - basic information 

Net Loan provides loans to both private entities and companies. The loan to Net Loan under certain conditions may also be granted to persons indebted. It is therefore a financial lifebuoy for those consumers who will definitely not get a loan in a bank. Net Loan, when granting loans to indebted persons, takes into account the amount of the debtor’s current financial obligations and on this basis sets the loan amount and the amount of the monthly installment.

It is also worth emphasizing that taking an online loan at Net Loan will not pay interest (subject to timely repayment).

When submitting an online application with Net Loan, customers are (after meeting certain conditions included in the promotion regulations, which is available on the website ) awarded with points that can be exchanged for such benefits as deferring the repayment date, halving two installments etc.

On the Net Loan website there is also an informant, in which after logging in to the Customer Panel we will find all the necessary information regarding our commitment.

Net Loan – how long does it take to get money? 

Net Loan - how long does it take to get money? 

How much money is waiting in Net Loan depends on the bank in which we have an account (transfers between the same banks are carried out immediately), the lender’s working hours and how quickly we will arrange with a financial advisor. That is why, before we start applying for a loan in a specific company, let’s check how long the money is waiting.

Loan in Net Loan – how to get it? 

Loan in Net Loan - how to get it? 

To receive a loan at Net Loan, you need documents such as your ID card and payment confirmations, which prove that we are reliable and trustworthy borrowers. When applying for lower amounts, we do not need an income certificate, as sufficient for Net Loan is the declaration that such a fixed, monthly income affects our account. What conditions must we meet to grant a loan for proof in Net Loan ?

The most important of them are:

  • being an adult;
  • having a phone number and bank account;
  • possession of an ID card;
  • having a steady income (but you do not have to provide a salary certificate);
  • living and registering in Poland;
  • positive assessment of creditworthiness.
  • making an appointment with a financial advisor.

All details about our creditworthiness and the monthly installment associated with it are almost immediately determined by the consultant. The number of installments and the loan repayment time are also set individually, which is why on the Net Loan Polska website you won’t find a typical loan calculator. However, by joining the Good Customer Club, we can count on a loan on better terms, faster withdrawals and a simpler application process.

Importantly, at Net Loan, all initial formalities related to borrowing can be arranged online. After completing the online application, we will only have to wait for a financial advisor – we can invite him or her (such a visit can usually take place the next day) or go to one of the numerous branches of Net Loan.  Such a customer service system enables an individual and partnership approach to each consumer.

The loan at Net Loan is in accordance with the Consumer Credit Act – all the costs of the loan are within the statutory norm. In addition, we have 14 days to withdraw from the loan agreement.

Professional Credit and loan without Retrodatabase? 

Professional Credit and loan without BIK? 

If we want to use the services of Net Loan and we are interested in a loan without Retrodatabase, then we must know that in this non-bank institution we will receive such a loan.

As we have already mentioned, Net Loan does not require potential borrowers to certify their earnings, but only to demonstrate that they regularly pay their debts (such “proof” can be, for example, the electricity bills we pay).

Due to the lack of verification in Retrodatabase, the loans offered by Net Loan may be loans for indebted persons. Therefore, if we want to take out a loan without Retrodatabase, we can do it at Net Loan. 

Net Loan offers loans without Retrodatabase and Astro, therefore, in a situation where the bank refused to provide us with financial support or when we do not have enough time to wait for a loan decision, we can get acquainted with the Net Loan offer and consider contracting in this company.

Net Loan Poland is a reliable and proven lender that has been on the Polish market since 2004. Net Loan has numerous branches throughout Poland.  

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