Loan for a statement – where and how to take a loan for a statement?

Currently, both individual customers and companies can benefit from the loan based on the statement. This is a form of credit with the least amount of formalities to complete. The borrower only needs to state what monthly receipts he obtains – without additional documents from the employer and tax institutions

The loan based on the statement guarantees a shorter loan granting procedure because the borrower does not have to provide the bank with thick documentation for creditworthiness analysis. In a particularly easy situation, those who are looking for a loan for a statement in a bank in which they have a personal account to which they transfer their remuneration.

Loan for a statement – where?

Loan for a statement - where?

Where to take a loan for a statement? A loan for a statement can be found in many banks operating in Poland . They offer them, among others PKO BP, BZ WBK, Getin Bank or mBank. Today, such loans are even sold in remote form – via the Internet. Just fill out the appropriate form on the institution’s website and wait for the loan decision along with the contract to be signed. The introduction of loans for an online statement has further streamlined the process – some banks declare that the decision and conclusion of an online cash loan agreement can take only a few minutes.

The smaller the number of documents that objectively assess our creditworthiness, the worse the conditions the bank will unfortunately propose to us. Loans for the statement are not granted for high amounts and sometimes the bank will not lend us this formula more than a few thousand zlotys. Of course, you can find ads for loans for a statement for PLN 200,000 , but often it’s just a lure. After reading the details of the offer, it turns out that the maximum amount is available only after submitting the relevant certificates from the employer .

Loan on company statement

Loan on company statement

Banks began to address the offer of loans based on the statement also to corporate clients. Simplified formalities are used particularly often for loans for day-to-day operations based on a statement – that is, again they are used to finance short-term needs for small amounts, but this time for enterprises.

Reducing formalities is important in this case, because even small financial congestion can negatively affect the condition of the company and the need to temporarily suspend processes.

As a rule, enterprises must document the absence of tax arrears in the bank. Special certificates from the Social Insurance Institution and the Tax Office are used for this. In addition, there are financial statements – appropriate for the type of business conducted and the form of taxation adopted. What can speed up obtaining a loan for companies is a declaration of no arrears to ZUS and US. The entrepreneur, under pain of a penalty, declares in this way that he pays all contributions and taxes on time.

However, this is the only facility for companies with a statement based loan. Sometimes, however, this form of credit involves the need to provide the bank with additional collateral for the loan repayment – e.g. in the form of a deposit or pledge.

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