Consumer credit: standard letters

Any borrower wishing to manage his consumer credit agreement is required to send various standard letters to his bank or lending institution. Exchanges always very codified, but unavoidable to assert its decisions. Learn how to formulate application letters for the most common transactions: withdrawal, credit redemption, prepayment, and cancellation of revolving credit.

Consumer credit: why use standard letters?

For the borrower, using standard letters facilitates his banking procedures knowing which formalism to respect for each particular case. In addition, this saves valuable time when a request must be made in a very short time, imposed by a legal standard or by a clause of the loan agreement. The regulatory references are already provided, it remains only to complete the mail by adding his personal information to specify his identity and his situation, as well as additional data useful on demand.

When making contact with the bank, the borrower must recall the references of the consumer credit concerned by the approach. This is all the more important if several consumer loans are managed by the same organization. It is therefore always necessary to mention at least the loan file number, and even its nature and amount.

Consumption credit: at each stage its standard letter available

– The withdrawal letter of a consumer credit cancels the acceptance of a loan offer during the 14 days following the signature of the contract. It must be sent by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt.

– The consumer credit purchase letter is a request addressed to one or more banking organizations to consolidate several consumer loans (personal loan, assigned loan, revolving loan) into a single new loan. A simple letter is enough in this case.

– The prepayment mail is used to pay by check all or part of the outstanding capital of a current consumption credit. Without being mandatory, the registered letter is strongly recommended, especially if the sums involved are substantial.

– The termination letter is to be sent when you wish to close a revolving credit permanently, without waiting for its automatic deletion due to unused. It is essential to use a registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt.

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